Today’s session featured the Drunken Lads singing back up pub vocals on Don’t Call Me Early in the Morning and The Crawl. Tom Druckenmiller, Mike Beaky, Rick Weaver and Fred Gilmartin chimed in on the choruses. It took a while to get them in the spirit, but they stepped up and nailed the songs. The effect will be pretty nice on both tunes.

Mike Beaky hung around to lay down some banjo tracks on Lessons from Pete and it was hard work for Mike, but, I knew that he would do a great job. The tune isn’t in a friendly banjo key (not G) but he did well. He understood his role in the tune – support Craig’s superlative guitar. Having played with Mike with Pavlov’s Dawgs, I knew his intuition is spot on. We went further on the outtro and Mike added some fine melodic passages that added to Craig’s playing.

Kevin, Mike and I sat around the mixer and picked out the sweet spots that Mike had laid down, knitted together some very nice moments. Again, the studio process has become a creative activity beyond the actual recording. I came away tickled with what we came up with today. This is going to be good.


I explained to Mike and Kevin that I had imagined what we were going to do six months ago, and things turned out better than I had even dreamed of.