Always a special evening in my own living room, come to think of it. Godfrey’s has taken up the mantle of First Night with its own version of Three Generations of Godfrey’s each New Year’s Eve. Tonight was a recreation of the first one eight years ago with Dina Hall, Brittany Ann and myself and it was pretty good.

I usually start off with a kids show at 7 pm and there are only a few folks in the house. That’s okay. Tonight I had three families and I can work with that. One overactive boy, one family with a three year old girl and a family with three brothers of diverse ages. I can do this.

I was able to engage all three targets. I got two brothers (including the truculent older brother and proactive sib) to do Giants, the grandchild with hyperactive shoes to focus and play and the very young girl in front of me to eventually get up on stage with grandmom Patty to sing Twinkle, Twinkle. All in the span of 45 minutes.

It was good to put together a strong set to engage these three diverse families. It worked in this small space.