The second set of Godfrey’s First Night started out with Brittany Ann, Dina Hall and myself doing a round robin of songs. It was a very comfortable crowd of people, wonderfully respectful and quiet. Remarkable .

As we did small, two song sets, each of us  was able to create small vignettes, play a couple of tunes that connected with this diverse audience and create a pretty nice, full evening of musical entertainment. Brittany Ann’s vulnerable and yet strong vocals and original songs held their own, Dina’s ever stronger presentation and songs and a chance for me to play my good stuff made for a good two hours of music.

I had the chance to maneuver through Santa Assassin, Barrelhouse, Don’t Call Me Early, Giants, We are Welcomed and Lessons from Pete and end up with I Can See Clearly Now for the last song. It seemed wonderfully complete and satisfying for the three of us and the audience, too. A great way to finish out 2017.