I was selected as a standby for this library showcase in middle NJ, and was move up into the starting lineup last week. I figured to do my 20 minutes and see if I can get some lucrative work in the libraries. I got the last slot of the day at 2:30, after another dozen or so acts and after an animal zoo act. As it turned out, there were a lot of the librarians sticking it out to the bitter end so it was a good slot.

I did Peanut Butter (next year’s theme is ‘Libraries Rock!) and followed that with The Cat Came Back. Along the way I got to chip in my bona fides and other comments to amplify my teaching artist skills. I finished with Giants with a librarian playing Thunder Tube. It was a good way to finish the showcase strong, and I ended up giving away lots of CDs, and even selling a couple as well. Not to bad. We’ll see if I get any calls.

The other acts were a mixed bag of very creative storytellers and musicians, jugglers but also a very standard magician (I was called up on stage to be a stooge during the morning set) – comedy magicians have some pat shows that tend to be forced, demeaning to the person on stage and too clever and unfunny.

There was some good conversations with some of the other presenters, but little chat with the visiting librarians. I like playing for librarians but they tend not to get too out of hand. Shhhhhh…..