I was a little trepidatious to perform today, after my cosmetically challenged eye surgery ten days ago, but it turned out fine. Low lighting.  

The Brookside folks know how to put on a party. The place was decked out Harry Potter, to the max, down to the floating candles on the ceiling.  One server was the spitting image of Harry. Well done!

I did two hours of music while folks dined on the fine buffet (I made sure to indulge..). The kids came up to play from the bag, while other small kids came up and danced with grandmom or mom. It is really special to see these very young kids experience dancing with close relatives, and how much the elders appreciate the chance to do so. The family connections are what makes this a wonderful gig.

I get paid very well, but the staff and the families also respect what I do for this community. That’s okay in my book.