I’ve been recuperating from some eyelid surgery (basal cell) during some intentional downtime in my schedule. I was hoping to wear a pirate’s patch for Halloween, but it seems I’m spooky enough without it.

I did do a Dave’s Night Out with Sam Steffen last night and a RockRoots this afternoon, so I’m back on the boards though pretty exhausted from the effort.






Sam Steffen joined me in a night of topical songs which he is quite adept at, with songs about unemployment, black lives matter and other rye commentary on modern life. He has come a long way with his compositions, both lengthy and deep. It was a good crowd for one of these evenings and Sam stepped up. I added a few tunes to the mix including Study War No More, Ten Men, If I Had a Rocket Launcher and Put the Frack Back, one I had written several years ago for a protest in Allentown. It was good to unpack it and sing it again.


The RockRoots gang headed to Far Hills, NJ, thankfully not an epic trek, for an afternoon assembly at a Day School (read posh private school). 250 K – 8th graders and their teachers were all great. We played well and the school loved the show. Again, this show is routinely successful, the band plays well, I remember the lines and folk dig it all. I made it back through relatively smooth Friday traffic.


I set up sound at Godfrey’s for the Celtic band and got the show going before heading upstair to write this blog. A busy 24 hours and I’m glad I have some down time before Sunday’s next gig at Brookside C.C.