I love the opportunity to play a coffeehouse outside of the Lehigh Valley, especially in the nearby Oley Valley. The drive through Berks County to Oley takes me back through decades of my life and brings me into a beautiful old PA town of brick and stone houses, part of my DNA at this point. The Half Moon Cafe is in a larger arts building dedicated to pottery, thus Clay on Main. These folks have put together a series of folk concerts, open mikes, etc. in their own community and I welcome the chance to perform for them.

It was a small audience of about 16 people, and though I wish for them that more folks come out to see me, I wish more people would come out to support the venue.

I was quite comfortable in doing two sets of my ‘good stuff’, and relish the chance to bang on the guitar and mandolin. I played relatively well (as usual, a few lyric mumbles…) and thoroughly enjoyed exercising my material through a sound system. I brought out my recently neglected D1 Martin and I believe it responded nicely.

My friend Bonnie Wren chipped in some harmonies on Louise and Jack Murray came over the mountain to support me, as well. Several nice interactions with the few who came out and that makes it all worth it. A beautiful full moon escorted me home.