There are times when I question my drive to earn money in CT, my old home state for 10 years. Over the last week or so, I’ve driven a bunch of miles, made some righteous money but in two of the shows, have faced a very lethargic audience. Today was notable.

I was glad to be included in this series of family shows in a very nice park setting, with a splendid grass lawn, under the trees on a beautiful summer day. Folks pulled in with strollers, kids, blankets, food, for an hour in the park with children’s music.

As I plied my craft, the kids came up, played along, asked questions (why do you have bare feet?) and we all had a good time. But….

I noticed there was little response from the audience in places I expect response. Even with the kids. I remarked at times that this was a TV audience, not expected to respond. I found myself, time and time again, asking for a response. Part of it was the distance from the crowd, but a larger part is the cultural distance from live performance. These folks like to socialize, eat snacks, enjoy a day in the park, and I am only a vehicle for child care. It all shows up in the fact that I sell no CD’s after the show. I am a tool.

There are always great moments with the individual kids, but I scratch my head with the adults.