My first gig this weekend was at the Da Vinci Center for another camp visit (the topics are Musical Mayhem (I’ve got that down) and Coding, an interesting take as well) on Friday morning, with a band gig later in Macungie. There were a bout 20 kids and 6 counselors in a comfortable class room at the museum. We did the usual stuff, with the emphasis on mayhem. One older girl settled in and I mention dancing. She said, “I don’t dance.” Hmmm. I took that as a challenge.

It was a good mix of intelligent kids, some very chatty, some not so outgoing, but all curious minds. We talked about coding with being able to think backwards, so we decoded, of all things, The Tutti Tah. I also compared a Martin Guitar with a Thunder Tube. Pretty heavy stuff, but actually quite good as teaching experiences. A good session and I was assured that I will get my check when the treasurer returns from vacation. I told the gentleman, “Well, I have something to live for.”

To Macungie this afternoon.