I was asked by good friends Christine and Craig Thatcher to return to this 16th year community benefit for Coopersburg folks who need the help. Community taking care of community.

I glad I could do the opening set at 1 pm, part of their ‘kids first’ effort to bring the families out to the festival. It worked much better, with balloon guy, crafts, etc. I was set up with a great sound system on a fine stage (yum!) pointing toward another tent with some seating. Unfortunately a hot space of macadam between us. And, as I supposed, there were more elders than children in the audience. But, then again, that’s okay. The old folks get it faster than the kids.

It was a very good set, especially with musicians Craig and Nyke in the house. I had better play good. I did and it was fun to play a good, crisp set for a good cause, in front of people who listened, supporting my friends on a perfect July Sunday afternoon. I got paid in food that I am enjoying even as I type. That’s pretty good!