A spectacular August day after strong storms yesterday evening. I play this small community farmers’ market once a month, thanks to some support from a mysterious friend in the West Side  of Bethlehem. I was initially taken by the scene, with the season’s change, now expansive shade and a different slant of the sun. A curious observation for me.

I set up under the same ole tree, connected with the honey lady across from me and the various veggie vendors I know from past markets (there is a nice camaraderie going on with these folks). I had a gig coming up at the Da Vinci Center later today so I did some prep on some new tunes while folks were setting up. I warmed up with Rocket to the Moon, Moonshadow, Cow Jumped Over the Moon and another tune, an efficient way to prepare for my next gig this afternoon. It worked.

I chatted with a fellow from one of the farms, a dude who plays with a local blues band. We struck up a nice friendship over the two hours. I could see he dug the Robert Johnson tune and while I was playing Rocket to the Moon (a single entendre song), I noticed him demonstrating the theme with a small eggplant in his pop-up with his co-worker. I notice these things. He came over during a couple of songs (I Can See Clearly Now, Here Comes the Sun, etc.) and sang along. It was nice to work with adults for a change in this situation, as well as fellow musicians.

Another dad with a very young son stopped by. The little boy was overwhelmed with the situation. As he tried to grasp this ‘liveness’, his dad picked up instruments to help out the connection. I noticed, while I was playing Giant, the dad knew it was in 3/4 time, no small thing. I mentioned that he must be a drummer, and it turned out to be quite accurate. It was a special moment. This kid is in good hands.

There were several small family groups that stopped by, and, as always, the ubiquitous bag helped me engage kids and grandparents and parents in the effort. Some even stopped by on purpose!

The time goes quickly and I get to practice my art under a big ole tree in my home town.