This was a good gig. I was asked to play for the Family Fun Day for the Community Services for Children here in the Lehigh Valley at their facilities on South Mountain in Allentown, near the State Hospital. It was tough to find but my gig instincts kicked in and wound my way up a couple of small streets to the campus. The organization had rounded up lots of community outreach groups, fire trucks, police cars, served up hot dogs, gave away teddy bears and information to the families that came up.

I was initially asked to do this pro bono, but I insisted on my minimum fee for this, and I’m glad I did. I was treated with respect, and, at the end, thanked profusely from many, many folks, and asked back for next year. I am gratified and glad I stood up for my worth.

There was a good chance of rain, but the CSC decided to go for it outside in the road between buildings. They set up a small tent with a small PA, and I settled in for the two hours. Just my voice was amplified, but that was just enough for my part. As it turned out, it was an almost sunny day. Good weather for all of us.

I set out the musical chum of instruments and went fishing. Kids took part as they do, and for some, as the organizers said later, this was a unique moment for a lot of these kids (and parents). They had never participated in this musical workshop, so I enjoyed each interaction as it happened.

It was a good session all around, connecting with new folks and kids.