I was glad the Da Vinci folks asked me to be part of this series of events at the center. I’ll be back on Monday for the main event, but it was good to do a Saturday afternoon for these folks. I worked up a couple of Moon and Sun songs and was able to work these tunes in, along with the other standard DF stuff.

There were some folks who made a point to make for the show, as well as families that stumbled upon the show, so it was a small, but interesting group to work with. There were all kind of challenges and wonderful rewards as we mixed up scarves, shakers, sing alongs, etc.

One kind lady came up before I started, introduced herself as a mom and grandmom raising her kids on my music. I hear this fine stories pretty often and are always appreciated. She then went on that she was a life-long piano teacher. Now that got my attention. We went on to discuss, among other things, her ear-training with her students, my seven years of piano lessons as a kid and other flotsam. A wonderful connection, and one that I exercised later on.

I brought out my sun and moon songs during the set, and they turned out to be some good tunes and connections. I could see the adults sing along with the pop tunes (I Can See Clearly Now, Here Comes the Sun and Moon Shadow) and the kids could simply jam on the stuff in mosh pit.

The special moment came when I did Giants with the Thunder Tubes. I had really leaned on the Piano Lady’s grandson, a really reticent tweener and would not budge under my incessant badgering. When it came to doing this tune I called on his grandfather to bring him up. He budged! I promised I wouldn’t bug him again in this lifetime. He came up did it. It was a very good thing. After the show, I chatted with Piano Lady. She thanked me for my effort, and I said that I accepted the challenge as an performing artist. It worked, and, actually, I think the audience responded to it, as well.

I love the scarves. They open up my performance explorations to creative movement with the kids. Not everyone wants to play a rhythm instrument. It is quite a challenge for everyone, especially kids. We used the open space in front of me nicely and the parents particularly liked to see their kids engaged like this. I get the best seat in the house.

The Da Vinci Center liked what I did for this smaller audience. I’m not worried about the size of the audience.

I’ll be back on Monday for the Really Big Eclipse Show. Should be very cool.