I was looking forward to tonight’s two-hour set at St. Peter’s Bakery, with an hour of rainy, Friday night traffic to get there and set up by 7 pm. (I started at 7:08.. pretty good, if I don’t say so myself). It was noisy, but friendly and I always look forward to just playing my tunes, feel out the crowd and connect as best I can. It works for me and the venue, too.

I really haven’t played much this week, so I was curious how I things would go. I noticed my voice was a little rough, especially with the long, unamplified session with the 2nd graders in the afternoon. The guitar stuff felt good and it was nice to stretch out on the guitar tonight.

I did mention my mandolin case open for tips, as the we, in the arts face this new economy and cultural backlash.

Lots of $1 tips, some fivers, a stromboli for tomorrow, a croissant for the morning, some new acoustic fans and a good evening away from the tempest.

Back to Bethlehem to reflect on the day.