We can always count on getting a couple of gigs during Catholic Schools Week, when the parochial school concentrate their arts money during this time. We used to get three or four, but times are hard. Regardless, I enjoy playing for these students and they really appreciate the assembly. And we usually play for K – 8th grades.

We were in Warminster, PA on Thursday at a suburban school in a nice big gym, good stage. We did two shows – K through 4th and 5th through 8th, both fun and respectful kids and teachers.

We haven’t had a RockRoots since the fall, and I worry a little about my internal script for the show. I did pretty good today and was able to mumble my way through a couple of spots. Invariably the show works wonderfully.

As I was packing up, a female student came up and said that she remembered me from my annual gigs in town at St. Paul’s Preschool Art Show and Concert in the spring. Her mom, a teacher at the school had come up after the first show to remind me as well. She said she still plays my Peanut Butter CD for her students. It was remarkable how similar the mother and the daughter looked as well. Some pretty deep connections. Nice.