I leaned on my music today, to keep me off the FB and the News, and it was the way to go. I had booked a 2nd grade assembly in Allentown at a new charter school that has no music classes. I can do that. There were about 80 kids or so, just at the limit of being able to do it with no sound system (you gotta pay me more to do that…), in a comfortable space, and away we went. The kids were hip from the beginning so we did a lot of good work together – you know – that arts-education stuff. Nice discussions, interchanges, questions, etc. And we played and sang and danced.

This was a new realm for me, at a charter school in an old industrial building (Lutron) with a large group of students and a big enrollment. But, thanks to a concerned teacher (and DF fan from her own 2nd grade days), this was an exploration into funding music and the arts for the school. I had to negotiate below what I normally price to get the gig. Private sector wages for the arts???

Perhaps I’m waxing political, but I do wonder what the ‘new’ economy and culture holds for artists like me.

It was good to play for kids, and get out after a short downtime spell.

Off to St. Peter’s Bakery tonight.