I had the pleasure to travel back in time to Kutztown for a folk concert for the local folksong society. I have quite a history, though from last century in this Pennsylvania brick town. Lots of Sheiks gigs, Improper Kutztonian bar gigs, Bear’s Den coffeehouse gigs on campus and many other less-luminary ventures. Keith Brintzenhoff is keeping the flame lit with his efforts in schools, colleges and this monthly series, much like what I try to do around here.

I opted for a long, one-set gig that works well for the aging clientele (and performer). It’s in a nice, though spacious, church setting with pews, good sound and lights and I pushed ’em on the singing early with Don’t Call Me Early and Green, Green, Rocky Road. (It was a refreshing approach from my bar gig in CT on Wednesday.) I dwelled on kids music, Pete Seeger, what is folk music, and more. I got to stretch out the mandolin and guitar tunes, and the wide assortment of genres I do. I had room to move and that’s what makes a good gig.

Keith thanked me and it was good to absorb his compliments on my instrumental work and my professionalism on stage. You know, it’s still somewhat shocking to hear these things. I’m just trying to do my best, and every night presents a different challenge. It’s still not a show. If it was, I’d be doing it the same every night.

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