I really like my annual visits to Brookside Country Club for the two seatings of the Santa Brunch. It’s a long day, but it’s a profitable gig, of course, but the reaction from the kids, the grandparents and parents is priceless. I’ve been doing this for years, so I get to see the kids mature over the years and still introduce myself to the new generation of toddlers to my music.

The first set at 9 am was an hour and three quarters straight through, mixing some carols early on while folk sample the ample buffet, and, as the kids finish up, they venture towards the bag of instruments and off we go. I particularly love it when the kids who recognize me light up when they come into the room. Santa came out and danced with the kids for this one.

I had an hour off before the 12 noon set. This second set was particularly full, and the kids were on it from the beginning, including my pal Dylan. He was ready and we connected throughout the afternoon. These kids really dove into the bag and entertained themselves off to my left while I played to the kids, parents and grandparents in front of me and at the surrounding tables.

Folks tell me that I’m doing a good job. That’s cool knowing that the music is creating some good moments for these extended family outings at “The Club”. Lots of red sweaters on the men this year, and always Christmas dresses on the girls. I have a great seat for it all.