I’m glad I have these regular brunch gigs at this country club in Macungie every year, both Halloween and Christmas events. They pay really well, but the families really appreciate what I do for the kids. I started a little before noon and immediately kids came up and dove into the bag of instruments. I particularly like the toddlers getting involved, encouraged by older siblings, grandparents and parents. Lots of smiles as the wee ones dance and play.

It was a particularly warm day so the kids and parents gathered out on the patio so the last set was fairly empty, though some kids made their way back in for a couple of tunes and dessert. As I remarked to one dad sitting nearby, I couldn’t complain about such warm day in late October. It was a good gig.

The manager was missing-in-action so I didn’t get my check after the gig. Delayed gratification, indeed.