We had a rare RockRoots in central Pa., about an hour west of the Lehigh Valley at a large ES. I had actually played this school when it was a much smaller and older building perhaps 25 years ago. We did one show filled with 600 kids and teachers, all dressed in Halloween outfits, so it was pretty much a zoo. It was fairly hard to maintain quiet for the spoken parts of the show, and as we headed to the finish line, I pretty much streamline my patter and pushed for the ending. We have welcomed back Wayne Smith on guitar, and though he’s familiar with the show, he still has some moments that he loses focus on playing a tight show, with some incidentals that are playing to us for chuckles and are lost on a gym full of kids and teachers.

A special bonus for the kids, as part of an incentive program, a small plastic pool filled with chocolate pudding was brought out, once we were packed up and off stage. The woman principal, dressed as Pooh Bear then proceeded to jump in and frolic in the muck. That must have been a treat for the school.

It was a beautiful fall drive through one of my favorite parts of rural PA and a nice departure from the usual trek into NJ for us.

I was back in time to nap for the Godfreys’ 40th Anniversary Show at Moravian at night. A long day.