After the country club gig, I was looking forward to the CD release session at Open Mike at Godfreys at 7 pm. It was a gathering of the tribe and I was glad that so many of the players stopped by to do a couple of songs in celebration of community.

I decided to lead off and teed up Giant and followed with Lessons from Pete, with Ed McKendry on lead. As usual, I blew a wrinkle that I had inserted at the last moment, a ‘doffing of the hat’ to my fellow Open Mikers. No big deal. The outtro with Ed was nice and I enjoy having this open section to jam with my friends. I also sat in with Mike Duck on mandolin, and contributed nicely to the effort. My new mandolin is a pleasure to play and I appreciate the opportunity to take it out for a ride and do some exploring.

Everyone on the bill really stepped up,and did some really great arrangements of their songs. I was quite proud of my fellow artists and I hope to play some of the cuts on the radio, taking them and the event into the radio waves.

Dina, Ed, Sam, Bill, Bill, Dave, Mance, Leon, Pete, Mike and Mike. It was a very warm and satisfying evening among friends.