Since Musikfest declined to provide any kids’ music, TV 39 stepped up and provided five shows during MF at the station’s site near Arts Quest. They also were able to rustle up some good money for the players and I landed the Friday show. It’s been dreadfully hot and occasionally stormy, so the first two shows were held in the studios but had reached the limit of around 100 people. So, they decided to hold my show outside on a nice tent-covered stage. Ideally, it would be nice.

Unfortunately, the temps were in the 90’s and the heat index above 100.

I asked John Christie to accompany me on this one, adding his fine licks to my hour show. And, he did his usual magic. There were only 20 people there, though, and it was not what I had expected (no gig turns out like I expect), and so we jumped in and did the good stuff. The instruments were distributed, the parents in a good mood and my sister Janet was in the house, so to speak. Amazingly, the staff at the studios thought it was wonderful and I appreciate their perspective and I am grateful for the gig. I wonder about my draw, of course.

Two very familiar faces were under a small tent some 40 feet away. These ladies have made every Musikfest kids show that I can recall. In fact this mom and daughter have been to my shows since this now grown woman was just a child. I only thought it appropriate to have them come up for Giants and some Thunder-tubing. They did and it was wonderful to see them have fun, react as mom/daughter and enjoy our long-term relationship. It made my day.

The afternoon show really wiped me out, but I was glad that Janet, John and his wife Susan and the TV 39 staff were there in support.