I was thankful to pick up a Saturday night gig away from Musikfest. It happened to be a birthday party for a man’s wife and a whole passel of his friends and family at a very fine seafood restaurant in West Allentown. It was in the loft of Youell’s and as I arrived, I talked with the manager who cautioned me that I was to NOT BE LOUD. I claimed I was the tune whisperer and would not BE LOUD. Actually, that made it possible to leave my sound system in the car and not lug it up a flight of stairs. Fine with me.

I set up to the side, and as folks arrived I started in playing some acoustic music. Three young girls there for the party were obvious targets and I began to play to them and we connected. I brought in a small bag of shakers and proceeded to cater to them while the rest of the folks appetized on shrimp, clams casino and other great nibbles. The main couple, Pete and Sharon arrived and the party was on. Lots of family pictures, good friends chatting.

I played for about three and a half hours while everyone ate a full dinner menu of salad, soup and incredible seafood. Pete was a most hospitable host. (I was encouraged to pick out something to eat and had the best crab cake I’ve ever had – all crab.) I played mandolin tunes, oldies, swing tunes and more and provided a nice sound scape for all the friends and family. It turned out to be a long but very friendly gig with many folks coming up to connect with me and other times they had seen me play.

I traveled back to Bethlehem worn out, watching an incredible lightening storm over the Lehigh Valley. Musikfest tomorrow.