When I heard that MF wasn’t booking kids music, I took it upon myself to see if I could do some shows at the IceHouse, part of the Topsy Turvy series, but adding on two more shows. I did the Facebook promotion and hoped for the best. I called it my Rage against the Machine tour, and the machine won.

The first show in the morning was great, with two camps and a few families in attendance. I invited John Christie to join in for the day, so the music was superb. My daughter Rosalie was also in town, so we got to do “Rosalie, Where are You Going?” live and in person. That was a real treat for me and for her, too. The campers and counsellors were really responsive and provided me with the opportunity to try out some new stuff, including some weird Cat Came Back verses. The floor was filled with dancing people at the end, playing instruments and having a ball.

The noon show consisted of Andy and Ari, Rosalie’s friends and John, Susan and his wonderful granddaughter Alexis. The two little girls danced and played and this show was equally delightful, though sparse. Rosalie commented that she liked the way I played the full house and the intimate gathering, appreciating the skill needed for both ends of the spectrum. I had a good time for both shows.

No one showed for the 2 pm show, and I chalk that up to MF madness, too many things going on, little publicity, a small fan base for my live shows. It’s all quite understandable, yet disappointing. It was a good try but one I learned from. John and I made some money, we made some good music that was appreciated by those in the house.