I returned to my local farmer’s market for a two hour session today. Good weather, new strings and a chance to bang out some tunes. A couple of musician friends came by which was very gratifying and they made me play with intention. I’m still trying to play a song perfectly, all the way through, but it continues to elude me. A good goal, though.

A fairly steady turnover of kids, moms and grandmoms stopped by and I had some very nice interactions with them. I appreciated two moms with their very young kids hanging out, connecting with each other and letting the kids explore the pile of instruments in front of me. It was nice I could supply the time and space for the women and kids to enjoy some time together.

My friend, the veggie farmers, gave me free veggies for playing the mandolin during the set. I’ve developed some nice relationships with the venders and they really appreciate what I do at this site. Makes me feel pretty good. The peanut butter guy gave me a discount as well.