One of my good friends and folk DJ Frank Glaz invited me on his radio show at WPRB in Princeton tonight. He thought it’d be a good connection with Godfreys’ 40th, so I forwarded him some vintage cuts from Claudia, Hartford, Stan and Gorka. We mixed these in with some nice chat about these folks. Frank let me play Lessons from Pete (blew a word early but finished strong) and a kids tune – I opted for an abbreviated Jelly in the Dish.

The interview was great and we hit GD, my kids career as a solo and with RockRoots, some deep GD history, the book and good stories about all of the above folks. We were headed for home and, in the context of the book, Frank asked about Gene Mater and his caricatures. I responded with great restraint that, yes, Gene will be featured in the book. Little did Frank know what was on my mind at the time was not radio-friendly, or appropriate for a Sunday night folk show audience. Poit.

I made it back around 10 pm. A slow week of performances coming up. Time for reflection and some behind-the-scenes drollery and drullery.