I’m in my farmers market mode, I guess, so I look forward to playing two hours of music under a big ole tree in the Rose Garden Park in Bethlehem. It’s a freebie so I have no expectations other than practising some tunes, play for some families and kids that stop by and hopefully pick up some tips.

I set up amidst the drone of cicadas, which help drown out the noise of the generator from one of the vendors. Several vendors were glad I returned, since I’m the only musician that performs there. I was playing well today and several moms with young, young kids stopped by. They were almost too young to play shakers, but I am amazed how they zone in on me and the music. The eyes are wide open as I’m sure their ears are, too. Well, I zone in on them and play right to them.

A few Bethlehem friends stopped by, as they are trying to support their local market, and it’s nice to take some time to chat with them. It’s all about community, and that’s why I do this one.

One vendor who gave me an apple dumpling last time charged me full price today, and I was surprised but gave her the money. It’s understandable on their part. But I did chat with the folks in charge that often the musician will pass around a bag for voluntary vendor ‘tips’: a tomato or two, etc. Nothing extravagant, but a sign of their support for my efforts as an artist. I wouldn’t do this if I were getting paid. And, as I was explaining this to them, the Telford farm stand folks brought over a bag of peppers and onions for me, thus proving my point. We are in this together.

It was a good day of music in the park. Off to Metzgar Fest in the Poconos for a major outdoor festival of blues and country music for my first time. I’m glad I got my playing in early.