Not much pay today, but that’s okay.

I played my first gig at the Rose Garden Farmers Market, a new venture on the northside of Bethlehem. It’s a beautiful park, and the market is under some tall shade trees with lots of grass. I set up in the middle of the vendors under a big tree and started out at 9 am with few folks around. But I took advantage by working on some of adult tunes, my guitar work and vocal and lyric work. Eventually several families stop by and I shifted into kids mode. The rest of the two hours went quickly with several good connections with kids and families. Several vendors and shoppers commented how the market seemed more of a community event with the music. I got $22 in tips, sold a CD and got an apple dumpling for my work. It was a good start for me at this market and the folks running it were extremely pleased. A good way to spend a summer Saturday in my home town.

I ran into a problem as I packed up. I had left my keys in the car, with the front windows partially rolled down. Somehow the car locked itself, and, in spite of pushing the electronic unlock buttons, I couldn’t unlock the car. I went over to a family I had been chatting with and asked the dad if I could borrow his son to see if he could slip in the open window and grab my keys in between the seats. Dad said sure so he lifted Ian up and, sure enough, Ian made the snatch. Thank you, Ian!!!! I learned a lesson right there.