I was off to one of my favorite gigs at Father Folk near Reading this afternoon. The festival is a word-of-mouth weekend event dedicated to a community of musicians and music lovers who have met in this grove for many years. No mention on social media in order to keep it in good hands. I’ve done it now for 8 years or so, so it’s a really comfortable gig for me. I get paid with a T-shirt.

The grove has a solid stage and great sound system, and folks camp out and gather for the music on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning, including a growing number of friends and musicians I know. The audience is wonderfully hip and a pleasure to play for.

This was the first time it has rained, and it really poured during my set. There were a few larger tents but not a whole lot of people close at hand. I had a half hour so I set out with the good stuff: Don’t Call Me Early, Giant, July, Lessons from Pete, Rosie is a Friend of Mine, and Pay Bo Diddley for the most part. I played nice and strong thanks to the great sound and a hip audience and got a great response. Did I say it was pouring?

Unfortunately I didn’t stick around due to the inclement weather but drove away pleased with my set. So many good folks perform for these good friends and I was glad I could add my professionality to the mix. It poured on the way home, too.

A good day on the planet with good karma in place of financial gain. That’s okay.