I headed down to the burbs of Bucks Co. for an assembly for 1st and 2nd graders for AIR (Artists In Residence), an arts advocacy group that I’ve been trying to get gigs with for the last couple of years. The only gigs I get are freebies paid for by AIR in order to introduce me to their schools. That’s okay.

I love the element of surprise, since no one knew who I was, even the music teacher who booked me. We gathered in the ubiquitous all-purpose room and I launched into my set. The kids were tuned in right away, and it’s always great to see the reactions of the teachers as we roll through the music. Even the teachers pitched in, especially during the All Around the Kitchen finale, when I pick out the most unlikely teachers to come up and show me their dance. Today, I picked a big black man (amazing and rare to have him as a 1st grade teacher!) and he knocked it out of the park. I was gratified when he thanked me for my performance after the show.

It was an afternoon show an hour plus away, so it was a long drive, especially with the Martin Japan Guitar show tonight. I was winded when I got back and had 45 minutes to shut my eyes before round two.