I had my last session of 12 after-school gigs this year in Allentown. Four sessions in four different schools. Jefferson ES is one of my favorites, with some hip and involved kids. We got quite a bit done, great interaction and energy. It was a little chatty today but that seems to be from end of the year blues and a bit of fatigue on all our parts.

Today we managed to work on a Cat Came Back verse. It was a haul but there was some good discussion. We talked about a moon shot and other topics but settled on the Titanic.

Bill Nye the Science Guy, made a machine to change time,
He’d sink the cat on the Titanic, to the bottom of the brine,
The Ship hit that berg and sank beneath the waves,
Way down, down, to Mr. Crabs Maze.

I also tried to do the Tutti Tah in Spanish, and it was nice to hand over the reins to the kids and they did fine.

I wrapped up the session with a dance and instrument exercise. After a while, I decided to do a line dance akin to the Virginia Reel or The Stroll, with two lines moving along while the kids danced, one by one, down the center. I got the teachers to join in and it was fairly chaotic but a good way to celebrate this community of kids and teachers.

I learned a lot dealing with all these kids, especially with the opportunity to work with a group of kids for four sessions in a row. I hope I can do it again next school year.