I had a little down time before gathering the troops for our Godfreys set at Mayfair. Ed, Dina, Kris, Julie, Moe and a fiddler friend of Kris’s, Jeff showed up. It was a rushed sound check and a fairly difficult one, as well, so we started a little late. There was a fairly good house for us, which was nice. Very spread out among tables in a big room so very little recognition from the stage for me.

I started out with Moe, Kris and Ed with Don’t Call Me Early, Giant and Giants and then July. Ed decided to start with electric and it was a little unsettled during this set – not as tight as when we rehearsed. I blew a few lines on Giant, but Moe’s bodhran was particularly nice on that tune. Julie and Dina chimed in on July. I handed it over to Kris, Julie and Jeff and Julie really smoked her song.

Dina followed with a nice set, one that I thought was quite professional, Ed did his Southside Sunday song, I followed with Lessons from Pete and Rodeo Rider. they both came off nicely, especially with Ed back on acoustic guitar. Dina and I traded songs, I did Rosie is a Friend of Mine (still didn’t nail the words) and we finished off with Can’t Find My Way Home. It came off well. We finished to some nice applause. Phew…..

I’d give ourselves a B. The sound wasn’t as good as I would have liked, and, importantly, there was a persistent drone from the air conditioning that was pretty noticeable, especially between songs. Actually, it was obnoxious. As I introduced the band towards the end, I had to introduce the Drone as part of our sound. It was a two hour set which I managed to do standing, and when it was over, I realized how drained I was from the soaking sweatfest in the afternoon and the performance inside at Ag Hall. Perhaps that added to my less-than stellar performance in the evening.

I think we put on a good show, though, and I’m proud that we could pull off this conglomeration professionally. I have some really good friends.