I signed up for a doubleheader at Mayfair, the first for a family concert in an outside tent in the kids’ area in the late afternoon and for a set with Godfreys friends at 7:30 inside the air-conditioned AgHall.

First things first at the family show. Late afternoon in 90 degree plus temps is not prime time for this, but I managed to gather enough people and kids to work with. Kids attacked the bag of instruments in front of the stage, and there were many great family moments. I was wringing wet by the end of the hour set.

The Allman Brothers tribute band were standing off to my right, assembling a whole lot of gear for the set following mine. When professional musicians are within earshot, I truly lean into my material, always ready to defend my turf as a musician good at my craft, while still connecting with the family audience. It always make work harder. I did, and I was soaked.

Perhaps an hour or so until the Godfreys gig, change gears from the kids to the adult material, gather up some energy after a strenuous gig in the tent.