The hot weather is really taking a toll on this year’s Mayfair. That’s one way of thinking. People are certainly not coming out to see me. But the challenge is to play for those there to hear and play some music with me. I take that quite seriously.

I had two hour sets at 1:45 and 4:15, sparsely attended. I’m finding I’m playing for the band that’s arriving for the next set (a tough audience, for sure), but there are always wonderful moments that I can connect with kids, toddlers, adults and the sound crew (they’re not so tough).

I brought out my old Sigma acoustic/electric that Tom Walz fixed for me. It’s first time out in public for at least 20 years. It was really fun to play, and different from my usual acoustic guitar. It makes me play differently, and that was a treat to experiment with today. It kept me engaged musically and therefore creatively as well with my repertoire.

It wasn’t nearly as brutally hot as yesterday and I was in good shape for the two hour-long sets today. I wish people would come out to this fine festival that hires local professionals like me and so many others.