I had a two hour set for a hot Monday Mayfair afternoon, so I decided to bring out my mandolin, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, and just bang away at all my kids’ songs.
I was pretty sure that it would be a small audience again.

Luckily, as I did my sound check, my good friend and Dawg Kris Kehr, with Julie and Lilli, walked into the tent. I was honored to have his family there, and then it dawned on me, that Kris could easily sit in. He has no fear.

So, it was a treat to throw tunes at him and the small audience, and we had some good reactions from kids and adults. Some nice moments throughout, with kids on stage with shakers, friends Kathy and her son Reise playing Thunder Tubes, Kris’s daughter dancing on stage with us, letting the kids finish the songs (as a drummer would do in a band), and many more….. I’m glad I have the ability and craft to connect the audience with the music and each other. It is a rare thing.

It was a good surprise to have Kris sit in with me, and it afforded me some creative space to deal with a small crowd.

I got my check for the five family shows I did. I feel bad for the festival and I wish I had an audience that could come out for these shows. There are lots of reasons that go into this, including major competition from Arts Quest shows, et al. I know that I upheld my part by doing good, friendly shows.

I’m tired, but a school assembly tomorrow!