I’ve developed a nice relationship with this W. Bethlehem school. I originally bartered a Kozero piece of art for an assembly back when Barbara taught there. I’m now a end of the school year regular, and I’m getting paid for it. That’s good.

Since I have a history with these kids and teachers, there were some nice waves, smiles, “DaveFrys”, but it only took the Cat Came Back to remind me how deep these roots go.

Last year I had the grades do chorus’s in cat, Frozen, opera, and a couple others. This time I got the little ones to do the meow chorus, the older kids did air guitar solos, and, eventually the teachers doing the opera.

It’s an interesting dilemma, to mix in familiar tunes (at least they are my familiar tunes) while adding little crooks, nooks and shenanigans to keep it fresh for me and the teachers.

The Bear Hunt featured a trip through a turkey farm (gobble…) and the school’s library (shsshhh..)

We finished up with All Around the Kitchen, with groups of kids coming up with dance moves and then bringing up faculty for the last one. It invariably works, and I reflect on the fact that it is a close to total chaos and mayhem, and still be educational. I get the best seat, so to speak.

It was good to have a larger audience as my pallet. This last weekend at Mayfair was hard, hard work.