I picked up a nice gig (any gig is a nice gig….) at Moravian Hall Square retirement community in Nazareth, one I’ve played in quite a varied and challenging performance opportunities. And they pay me professionally.

The staff knows how to throw a party for the elders in this community, and it’s nice to see them do it well.

It was a Winter Market theme, with lots of artisans, girl scouts, etc. The flow of the folks went down the hall way to the community room. I was stationed along the way in the cafe noche, and it turned out to be the right place. Lots of traffic on my left and a few comfy chairs in front of me and an open cafeteria to my right. Folks cruising past me on the left and folks eating breakfast on my right. Me and the empty sofas in the middle. On the job at 10:30 am.

I mix up guitar and mandolin, and play a mix of whatever it is I do. People stop by in the hall and do the old folks boogie (a riot, for sure…), others listen at the cafe tables on the other side, and somehow, it works out nicely. I play for a lot of people in the course of a couple of hours, and they appreciate the sound and atmosphere I hope I can create. Different challenges than assemblies, for sure.

I was signed up to play from 10:30 am til 12:30 pm and ended up playing til 1:00. But that was okay.