Dina Hall hosted the sparse Open Mike, being Superb Owl Sunday. It was a good group of stalwarts, with Bill leading off with his traditional super bowl love song (his line about penetration is a special moment).

With three songs to sing, I started with my new Pete Seeger song, False From True, one I heard, ironically, from Guy Davis – who played here on Friday. First time in front of an audience… Pretty good for a lift off.

The great Dan Hicks passed away yesterday and, he being a major influence on my young delicate ears long ago, I chipped in with two Dan Hicks’ tunes from my repertoire. It was actually nice to hear them again for the swing and attitude that Dan commanded. I did Crazy Cause He Is, which is a bear to sing, and I pulled it off, though with some questions as to doing it right….. I followed with the easier Pay Day Blues, which is a simple swingy tune. Like putting on familiar pants….

I took leave after a few more acts in order to take in the last half of the Superb Owl at the bar across the street. No wings to go with my Ginger Ale. Lousy game but part of the male football ritual we all enjoy…..