Normally, RockRoots is real busy during this one week that parochial schools spend their arts money on assemblies. We only had one this year but it was a good one. This ES (K – 8) did two assemblies in the gym. As always, catholic schools give us great audiences, respectful but ready to have some fun. The teachers also respond wonderfully.

This was the first assembly with my reconstituted sound system, all new from top to bottom, and it worked great. The band did well in spite of the infrequency of our gigs. We nailed the first show for the little kids and I hit a bump early in the second one but, as usual, the band picks up where I am. No one was the wiser in the audience, but I knew.

With all the new equipment I didn’t check everything. The battery in my tuner died and I didn’t have a replacement, so that was the distraction for the day. So it goes.

At the end of the second show, as we plowed into the RockRoots Rap, I motioned to four 5th grade boys in the front row to come up and ‘rap’ dance with me. Unfortunately, half of the audience took that to mean them too, so with in 30 seconds the entire space in front of the band was teens groovin’ and dancin’. Sometimes you simply have to embrace the chaos. We did.

It was a very good gig and we were done by 11 am.