I awoke (well, at 1:30 pm) to the fact that I had been ripped off on Saturday night / Sunday morning right on my home block. I had returned from a nice get-together with friends and parked down the street from home. Yes, I left my driver’s side door unlocked, as I have done, foolishly, for many months. My neighborhood….

I headed out Sunday afternoon for a Touchstone matinee and found stuff strewn across the passenger’s floor. I then checked my cargo space in the back and my amp, speakers and equipment bag, as well as my precious kids’ instrument bag. They were gone.

I’m a fool. And that’s the take-away from this all. I constantly think about how I could have prevented all this with a few small steps. Fool.

My tools are as precious as a carpenter’s hammer, a doctor’s scalpel, a painter’s brush. They shape my sound, my production values, my productivity, my comfort zone and the backdrop for my creativity. Fool.

I am lucky that have some financial room to replace the sound, but not the wonderful bag of interactive instruments that I have shared with kids and families. That bag is totally worthless to anyone but me. Damn.

I’ve lost a sense of safety and security in my own neighborhood as well. Lots of levels to deal with this setback. I’m glad I don’t leave my instruments in my car. Lessons learned. Fool.