It was a full day of music, in a variety of ways.

I started out with my Sunday Folk Show on DIY at 11am, mixing it up with bluegrass, folk, guitar pickers and some Celtic. I get to play my favorite songs on the radio. That’s pretty cool.

I had two pickin’ parties on my social schedule so I headed out to Ken Siftar’s annual music bash. This was the first time I was invited so I wanted to come out and play for lots of my LV fellow musicians, eat food and see some old Bethlehem folks I don’t get to sit and chat with. It was a good time.

Nobody was playing early (4 pm) so I offered to do a set. A nice sound system was set up, and a nice stage as well. I plugged in and started in on the picnic. I did a bunch of solo bluesy folkie stuff (Barrelhouse, Don’t Call Me Early, Giants…) that would appeal to a rock and roll crowd. I was a little miffed that no one wanted to sit in with me (it’s an Allentown thang) so I asked who wants to jam? Brad, a younger bassist, jumped to the situation and we did several D tunes – Sailin’ Shoes, Grapevine, and Bo Diddley. He relaxed and did some nice stuff. It’s the moment – not the practice. I was glad I could contribute to the festivities.

I headed over to Rick and Marcie’s housewarming for some more food and music. Here were my good folkie friends in the Celtic circle and the old time folks. It was good to sit and play au natural. I love trying to figure out the progressions to these tunes, but O had the chance to drag out some English tunes like Cuckoo’s Nest and Skewbald. I rarely get to lead these tunes.

I was off to Godfreys’ for the open mike, glad that the crew was on hand to get things going without me. (Praise the volunteers!) I felt that I wasn’t tapped out yet so I signed up for the last spot. I did Black Jack County Chain, one I had tried earlier at the Siftar picnic, and did it well. I was at a loss to do the last one, but there was a drunk woman who cranked it up and asked for a drinking song. My instincts screamed, “No.” but I decided to do The Crawl, one that is fairly strong recently.

Sometimes when I’m bushed, I tend to launch into these songs with gusto, and I did. Though it’s a ballad (lotsa words), the energy of a drinking song carries the moment, and it did, tonight. (The drunk lady walked off in the middle, of course)

Afterwards, I was talking with an acquaintance from the past about Stan Rogers. He said he never got to see him live, but had become a huge fan after he passed. I happened to have a CD of Stan’s last show at GDs and gave it to him as a gift. It was the right time. He mentioned that my version of The Crawl channeled Stan. I said that, of course, it was from a Canadian band. That’s how they play. Full tilt power folk.

Upon reflection, that was the Stan Effect that I have incorporated into my performance style. It was neat to have it pointed out to me from a friend in the audience. Full Tilt Folk. There’s a slice of Folk, and a slice of Rock ‘n Roll. but, of course……