I did my final set at the Centennial Stage in Ag Hall on Monday, and, again, it was surprising to have some folks there to see me. There were several shy kids and it took almost the whole set to involve them with tambourines, et al. Eventually, the instruments were all passed out to everyone and we nailed some good rockers.

Several folks came up afterwards and thanked me for my efforts to get people involved. Today, I aimed at the gawkers standing in the back, a dad and his recalcitrant tweener on ThunderTubes, and folks chiming in on Names to the Animals. One gentleman patted me on the back, saying folks really need to be challenged to interact. I told him that’s how I work, but it was nice to have that acknowledged.

I sold some CDs, got some mandolin case tips and exercised my folk chops: good music played well, spontaneous conversation and situations. Good sound and friendly and curious people. I have the best seat in the house.