I decided to stretch my limits to head up to Lehigh’s Lamberton Hall for The Music Box’s initial open mike. I had just spent a very heady evening with some new friends at the pizza gathering on Friday. (what do they call these things???) So I felt I owed it to show up at one of their affairs. It was cool. In many ways….

I have deep history in these hills, brother. My Drinker Four dudes are the deepest friendship I have for my five years of service at Lehigh.

I got there late and was fortunate to move up til almost late. I was impressed with the turnout this early in the year, as were my friends on the Music Box crew. They are really committed to making this work on their community level. That’s where it all begins, and it’s here that it began for me. I’ve invested here, though decades ago.

I led off with Shoo that Fly, a fairly uptempo R&B tune that moves. There was a good response due to my energy invested and the elder porn of me playing good music to college kids. I finished up my short set with Dixie Chicken, one that I was sure they had no idea about, but is delivered in a straight forward, funky way. It worked well. I finished up, my hip really hurts…., and said my goodbyes to the very cool LU friends I have connected with over the last few years. It’s really nice to know that there are the folks who get it, and are willing to pass it on. Deep stuff. Long day with two different audiences.