I headed out for an opening act in Boyertown for a young acoustic outfit Serene Green, some fine players headed in the right direction, playing tunes I’ve covered in bands from 40 and 20 years ago. My friend Ted Fenstermacher was playing with them so there were some deep connects with these guys. I offered to open up for them anytime. This was the first time.

I got there in plenty of time but there was a pretty lax show plan. I offered to go on first, before Anna, an impressive songwriter on her on, but had to get the show started. I’m okay with that. I’m a good opener.

It was a small crowd at first (the young band’s fans are notoriously late….) but a hip crowd. It built nicely. I asked the only youngster in the audience, a pre-teen slouched on the couch, to come up and do Giants. She demurred til I asked her to pick out an adult to come up with her. (Here’s the Magic!) She picked her dad who was the sound man. Bam!

He had to relinquish his ‘behind the scenes’ role and step up on stage with his daughter. This was a ‘hometown’ hit. The energy focused on Dad and Daughter. and……The Thunder Tubes.
This tune, by my friend Kent Aldrich, is an amazing performance art piece. It works every time and it is always different – and amazing. Thank you, Kent.

I finished up my 20 minute set with Lessons from Pete, and it was a nice gravitas way to thanks the audience and Serene Green for passing the music on. Spot on.

But I was not done….. off to Lehigh. ????