My second set was one that had I relished. Pete’s Songs for Kids.

I shared my stage with Todd Crowley of Todd’s Petting Zoo, a gentleman that brings stringed instruments of various shapes to festivals – hands on opportunities for folks and kids to put their hands on actual instruments. He’s as cool as it gets.

We were called on to share the stage for a workshop on Pete Seeger influenced songs for kids. I had a handful of stuff to call on from my Playground CD: Skip to my Lou, Finger in the Air, Jimalong Joe, All Around the Kitchen and others.

Again, there were very few people there. Early and rainy on a Sunday morning, but still with some engaging people. Some showed up for Pete. Some showed up for the family. Some showed up because they had to do sound. I showed up for all of them.

Todd had some very nice songs and observations about growing up with folk music and having it displaced with the Beatles, recovering his base with the autoharp with Bryan Bowers (another Godfrey’s hero) and his faith in Pete’s songs. It was a pleasure to share this stage with him.

I was able to share my extensions with Pete’s influence on me with Skip to my Lou, his connection with Woody Guthrie (Finger in the Air), playsongs (Sally Go Round the Moon, and Little Sally Walker. Big thanks to Teresa Pyott for her guidance.

I finished with Lessons From Pete. I mentioned that I had only played kids’ and jug band songs at this festival up to this point. I thought it appropriate that I finished my set here with this song. So I nailed it. It was good all around.

Enough. I headed for home in the rain.