I was glad that I had some down time before my 9:30 opener on Sunday morning. I had a fitful night at the motel with some increasing hip problems but woke up early enough to gather my gear at the motel and head to the festival site to meditate, eat breakfast at the mess tent and set up for my first workshop at the family pavilion. I was slated for ‘Songs for the Young’ and anticipated sharing my pre-school repertoire with families.

There was one family: two girls, a mom and a dad, a grandmom and grandad, the sound guy Tim, the stagemanager, and, importantly, a special needs girl and her grand dad off to the side. There was also a grandmom, her daughter and her son and a very young girl in a bouncer apparatus. (I see myself in one of these things in a few years…) This was my artistic palate for the set.

I was much more comfortable today, even with this sparse situation. The two sisters were quite interactive and entertaining, both acting their ages (quite wonderful in their differences), and encouraging their mother and father (!!), grandmother and grandfather into some immediate family reactions. We simply rocked in our connections through the music, the rhythm instruments, the songs.

Nobody there but us. But it was us.