A drizzle and a fizzle. I was scheduled for a final 5:30 slot as part of a children’s parade from the kids area down to the main stage. I had absolutely no idea what this meant. So I showed up at the area, as did other bemused kids’ performers, looking for some direction. Meanwhile a group was gathering to celebrate the amazing Supreme Court decision that had occurred on Friday (!!!!), led by a fellow teaching artist and friend, Ruth Pelham. As folks gathered and celebrated, we waited.

No one from the festival showed up. l believe the folks running the festival were dealing with the harsh weather impending and moving the outdoor evening stage event into an indoors situation. We fellow kids performers, jugglers and storytellers waited for a while and then headed for drier possibilities.

I headed back to the motel to take advantage of some down time before my two sets on early Sunday morning.

It was long day of encounters.