As I drove home from this incredible folk music experience, I have had time to reflect on the totality of this folk festival experience. The major impact is that I have been invited into this very select community as a performer and purveyor of the folk process, as an active participant on this global stage. Yes, I have been a part of this through out my career, with booking Godfreys and, on a very local level, my constant gigging in my own community, but have had very rare opportunities to take my skills to other venues.

I had several visits to the Cafe Lena tent. I spent some great moments with Sarah, the current manager, as well as some other performers and volunteers that took shelter in the popup tent.
When I lived not far from here, I had my own folk global view shaped in this club in Saratoga.

This weekend I was recognized by my fellow folk performers as an equal, or as someone they had heard of, whether in connections with my Godfrey’s days or as a performer. I was able to sit and connect with the performers I had booked at Godfreys, or as a fellow teaching artist, or as a performer, or even as the new guy at the festival. Each and every interaction was real, immediate and true.

I also recognized the power of the folk community. In spite of the rainy conditions, people came out to support, to listen to, and participate in the folk process. A mighty wind, indeed.

Good stuff, all around.