I picked up a gig at a school in Bucks County near my parents’ home town of Bristol. George Washington School in Levittown. I got the gig through an arts advocacy group that books music into schools in the area called Artists in Residence (AIR), and they wanted to ‘give me away’ to this school as an introduction to playing in this area. They don’t pay as much as Young Audiences but I figure every little bit helps.

Gary, the music teacher, had promoted it as a folk music concert, so I had to prep him to how I approach the term ‘folk music’ in what I do. I told him I model folk music, with sing-alongs, story-telling and dance and I stay away from the standard ‘This Land is Your Land’ stereotypes of songs.

I had two sets, one for K – 2nd and other for 3rd – 6th grades. Both groups were primed to sing, thanks to Gary’s efforts through out the year to encourage singing. He opened both sets with a community song that he wrote as well as Puff, the Magic Dragon along with a rabbit song that I wasn’t familiar with.

Both sets were well received and I left two CD’s with the principal for the school. No sign of a check, though, so I hope Gary will chase down the benefactors. A leap of faith on my part.