I enjoy this farmers’ market, partly because its a block from home (!!!!), but the vendors are friendly and know my stuff, the court yard is acoustically friendly and it pays better than most farmers’ markets, thanks to Lehigh University.

A few friends stopped by and asked for their favorites – July, for one – and I obliged. There were a few kids, one with his grandparents, so I aimed my material directly to them. I got to play a good cross-section of my adult material as well.

The moment that stuck out for me was about my tip mandolin case which I leave out for scattered tips. Even a couple of bucks helps out with laundry money, etc. and its nice to have some way for folks to acknowledge, even in a small way, my efforts. Today I got a couple of dollar bills early. I noticed one gentleman searching in his pockets for change. I played a few more songs and then he came up and tossed his change into the case.

Today, it struck me in a strange way. He gave me 44 cents. I was not even worth a dollar. What does 44 cents buy in this economy? Perhaps a stamp? Not even a cup of coffee. Now, I don’t discount the fact that he wanted to pitch in, but somehow, my art is worth more than 44 cents. Such is the state of the arts in this country.